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Moebius : Release de la version 1.0 bêta 4

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La bêta #4 est de sortie.
Grand Merci à Dobro pour le prêt de Nono (code supprimé 🙂 ) pour améliorer Moebius. Grâce à son prêt, j’ai réussi à passer de 2h 20m à environ 2m de compilation.

Lien : Beta 4

Changelog :
	ADDED		Sample_12 ("Using labels in code")
	FIXED		Problem with PureBasic paths
	FIXED		LibMaker paths
	FIXED		Location of data file
	FIXED		Declaration of labels ("error: symbol already defined")
	FIXED		Error in creation or opening of preferences file (from ts-soft)
	FIXED		Bug in some declarations of libs in DESC File 
	FIXED		GUI : Profiles Reloading
	IMPROVED	Translations
	IMPROVED	Optimisation 
			(in beta 3, 2h20m for building 180000 lines)
			(in beta 4, 2m for building 180000 lines)
	IMPROVED	ASM Files writing
	IMPROVED	Dichotomic search for labels in function
	REMOVED		Old Code

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